Gold Dental Virtual Assistant is dedicated to providing you results that not only relieve the strenous tasks of running a dental office but also allows a relaxing atmosphere. We work hard to offer you personalized care making your experience with us memorable. We regularly attend dental seminars, staying current with all the latest software, technology, ADA codes, claim procedures and more...



  • Because delegating is the fastest way to gain more time in your day
  • Because we have dental practice management experience, no training needed
  • You only pay for the hours needed- with no minimums
  • No payroll taxes
  • No benefits, vacation or holiday pay
  • No additional computers/ equipment
  • No continuing education costs
  • No interruptions by patients or phone calls, allowing us to be more efficient- you only pay when we're actively working
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The Owner

"You will never find help as good as GOLD"

                                                 --Arreanna Cromartie, owner and operator