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Is your company HIPPA compliant?


We understand the importance of HIPPA compliance and we take every precaution possible to assure the safety of your patients as well as your business. We attend annual classes and stay up to date on all policies and procedures in accordance with U.S. Health and Human Services Department.


                          Frequently Asked Questions


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Do you provide itemized insurance verification?


After our consultation where we will discuss your wants and needs we develop a specialized package "fee" that includes everything that you are asking. We base our insurance verifications off of a universal form that we have used with many offices but we do alter the information based on codes often used within your office.


How are you paid?


We are so confident that you will be satisified with our services that we allow monthly payments. Once you are ready to begin working with us we will discuss the financial arrangments at that time. Like we have said before you only pay for services you receive therefore nothing is paid for us to start working with you.


Are you legal?


100% Gold Virtual Assistant is a registered LLC business. 


Will you be replacing my staff?


Absolutely not. There are occassions where office managers hire our company full time in replacement of certain staff but for the most part we work side by side with your current team. We are often used during maternity leaves, holidays, start ups and more. 

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