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Your Resolution for Working “Smarter” in 2021

2020 taught us some important lessons, like finding new ways to work more efficiently (or just keep working at all.) In dentistry, that takes a lot of creativity. Our industry isn’t one where we can all work remotely, because there are patients that need face-to-face care every day of the week. And when you do hear about someone working remotely, a lot of us raise our eyebrows and ask, “how?”

At Gold Virtual Assistant, our US-based dental support team has been working off-site from private practices for years! Yes, we’re based right here in the states. We may not be there in the office with you, but we’re “remote” in the sense that we support you from our secure location in Georgia.

Helping Dentists Work More Efficiently in 2021

Hiring a virtual dental assistant for your office’s insurance claims, insurance verification breakdowns, and claims follow up can save you valuable time for things like:

Disinfecting the dental office

Covering for staff who are out on quarantine

Limiting the number of people in your building

Taking Social Distancing to the Extreme!

What if you could hire one of the best insurance coordinators and have them work directly in your practice software (securely, of course) without having to be in the office with you physically? That means less risk of viral spread, someone always able to keep working in the background, fewer distractions, and more time for you to tackle everything else going on. You’d probably get more done than ever.

Gold Virtual Assistant doesn’t use 3rd party, foreign, or independent subcontractors. We’re personally experienced dental office staff that solely focus on insurance claims and private practice support. Everything is 100% HIPAA compliant and seamless with your practice software.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not. And to top it off, we offer free consultations. Request yours today!

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