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Who are the People Behind the Scenes at GVA?

Sometimes it can feel a bit intimidating to entrust your dental business to a virtual insurance and claims team. After all, we’re not physically there in the practice with you.

So, who is it behind the scenes, working on your patients’ claims and verification processes? A tight knit team that works and trains together, right here in the USA. None of our assignments are sent overseas; we manage everything in-house.

As dental professionals ourselves, we understand the crucial details that affect coverage for your patients. Our team is made up of seasoned treatment coordinators (yes, we’ve worked in brick and mortar dental offices!) and dental office staff with years of hands-on experience in the industry.

We regularly perform team training in-house to ensure that our entire staff are on the same page with industry changes. Consistency and education are key!

But we don’t hire to train. Each of our dental virtual support staff are talented, experienced professionals who already understand the ins-and-outs of things like:

Patient scheduling and confirmation

Insurance billing

Dental insurance verification

Payment posting

Phone soft skills

Customer service for dentists

Plus, they have plenty of experience working with a wide variety of dental software systems. Whether your office runs on Dentrix, EagleSoft, or other mainstream software, we already know how to adapt your services to integrate with your internal records.

But an existing background in dental billing and insurance is just the start. Gold Virtual Assistant team members are lifelong learners. And we’re not just talking basic professional development courses! We’re consistently adapting our practices as new developments, changes, and policy regulations are adjusted by carriers and nationwide insurance laws. Whether you’re on the West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, or anywhere in the great US of A, our Georgia-based team is there for your practice.

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