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The Fastest Way to Follow Up on Dental Claims

virtual dental insurance claims follow up

Professional, Fast Online Virtual Dental Insurance Support

If you’ve been in the dental industry for more than a few days, you know just how bad delays in insurance claims and payments can get. In order to collect on a timely basis — and ensure your patients have access to the benefits they deserve — your team must continually follow up on outstanding claims.

From contacting the carrier to providing necessary supporting documents (like clinical notes, radiographs, etc.) it can often seem like an uphill battle to collect outstanding claims.

In the meantime, your staff is busy directing their attention to the patients standing there in your office, including presenting treatment plans, discussing financing options, and helping them navigate care needs.

The fastest way to get paid for outstanding dental claims is to work with a professional team that specializes in dental insurance processing. A partnership with Gold Virtual Assistant gives you access to:

Professional, experienced dental insurance specialists

Daily claims follow ups

Claims documentation

Claim submissions

Verification of frequency, clauses, and waiting periods

Digital uploads that align with your practice management software

While Gold Virtual Assistant works in the background, you can continue directing your time and energy to the people in front of you. That means less being glued to the phone, less time your patients spend waiting, and less frustration for you and your patients when it comes to outstanding payments.

Our remote dental insurance processing team has years of experience in the dental industry. Any time we hire a new team member from the dental field, they’re trained by our staff and work onsite with our fellow insurance specialists. Our team is devoted to timely claims processing and follow up, so that we can significantly benefit the overhead and service quality of the clients whom we serve.

Call us today for your commitment-free price quote.


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