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Our Quality Assurance is Your Peace of Mind!

Quality. Your patients expect it. The dentist-owner demands it. A dental manager lives it. So, when you need support providing services to your patients, you expect no less from the team who helps you.

The same can be said when you’re partnering with our experienced insurance staff. It can be challenging to want to delegate jobs like claims follow up, insurance verification, or breakdowns to someone you don’t know. But what if they promise you the highest quality and experience possible?

Keeping Standards High

At Gold Virtual Assistant, we take quality seriously. In fact, even though we’re serving practices like yours remotely, none of our staff work off site. Everyone works as a team in our private office right here in Georgia. That’s because we also understand the importance of onsite staff and the quality an established team has to offer.

We’re Only as Successful as Our Clients

But if that weren’t a good enough reason to work with a remote claims provider, remember: our success is dependent upon yours. The higher quality we provide to your practice — and the better it benefits your dental business — the more likely you are to keep coming back. We’re committed to managing your patient’s insurance information as if we were right there in the building with you.

Working by Your Side

As a leader, you need the peace of mind that your team has your patients’ best interests in mind. Not to mention those of your dentist and the overall practice. Gold Virtual Assistant promises to deliver accurate, efficient, timely claims support right when you need it.

Each of our staff are hand-picked for their experience and reputation in the dental industry. Additionally, we train regularly as a team to ensure consistency across the board. You receive the same level of quality services 24/7/365.

Learn more about how we can help your dental practice grow! Contact us today for a free quote.

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