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Online Dental Support Staff

Yes, We’re Based in the United States

We don’t outsource any insurance verification (or other virtual dental roles) to anyone outside of our office. Each of our staff are onsite in our Georgia facility. You don’t have to worry about someone out of the country handling your office’s private information or communicating with patients. We’re fluent in both English and the dental insurance industry!

All of Our Support Staff are Expertly Trained

How can you trust someone who is verifying, processing, and following up on insurance records for your patients? By choosing a virtual dental team with years of experience and a mind for professionalism. Each of our Gold Virtual Assistant insurance specialists are expertly trained. We hand-select individual team members for their skill, knowledge, and professionalism. The rigorous screening process and continual training allows our team to stay abreast of industry trends while providing exceptional service to each of our clients.

An Extension of Your Practice

A HIPAA-secure virtual dental agent platform is like having an extension of your own private practice. We’re able to provide all of the same verification processes — using the same templates that your office does — including follow-ups. The only difference is that we’re not physically located inside of your building. But anytime we interact with an insurance carrier or another 3rd party, we represent your business as a traditional staff member.

Feeling Protective?

It’s only natural to feel hesitant about turning over a job role to a 3rd party support team. After all, you’ve worked extremely hard to grow your dental business. But at Gold Virtual Assistant we treat your business like our own. Our success depends on yours! Providing that golden touch will put your mind at ease — and have you wishing you called us even sooner!

Get your free virtual dental insurance support quote today!

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