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No Time for Insurance Verification?

You wrap up your morning huddle. Before you know it, you’re trying to work in a Monday morning emergency patient and also fill in the hole that just opened up this afternoon. The hygienist just walked a patient to the front desk and shared the treatment plan that needs to be created.

It’s only 9am, and you already feel like you’re running behind for the day. Are you going to have to work through lunch or come in early tomorrow to verify this week’s new patient insurance benefits?

We’ve got a better solution: get a pressure-free, complimentary price quote from Gold Virtual Assistant. Our highly experienced insurance specialists provide comprehensive support like:

Benefits verification

Benefit breakdown input into your software

Claims follow-up

Claims processing

…all from a private, secure location based right here in the United States! While we’re working in the background and providing real-time support to your practice, you can direct your attention to the other tasks in front of you. Our white glove service mean we’ll get down to the “nitty gritty” and figure out everything you and your patients need to know before booking that upcoming treatment plan or finding out why their claim hasn’t been processed yet.

Not only do our virtual dental staff help you get a head start on your insurance breakdowns, we do so in a timely and customized manner using your own verification forms (unless you prefer something different.) And the best part is that our services are about 50% cheaper than adding an additional front desk member to your staff. Ultimately, you’re paying less and getting immediate access to the highest quality of daily support.

You don’t have to do it on your own.

You don’t have to hire someone.

All you have to do is call Gold Virtual Assistant! Get your free quote today.

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