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How Expensive is a Virtual Dental Agent?

Online dental insurance support. Virtual dental agent.

Is it expensive to hire a virtual (online) dental insurance support team?

Working with an online dental support staff is actually about half of the cost of hiring an additional team member to work in your office. For starters, you don’t have to put them on your payroll. You only use the service as much as you need it. Compared to hiring a full-time staff member or insurance coordinator, a virtual (online) dental insurance service can save you thousands of dollars per year.

Saving time (and money) on training and the trainer.

Time is money. Any time you hire someone to manage your insurance processing, collections, and verification, you have to pay for their training in some way. Either you hire a dental management firm to train your staff, or more experienced team members have to step away from their own job roles to bring the new hire up to speed. Both can be expensive and time consuming. And in the instance of the latter, you get behind in your workload (causing everyone to work even harder, even though you just hired someone!)

You’re saving on salary, PTO, holiday pay, and more.

As we already mentioned, virtual dental agents don’t have to be added to your payroll. That means you keep your staff smaller, don’t have to work around vacations or sick leave, and won’t get stuck in a bind if someone can’t make it to work that day. Plus, you’re not having to work holiday pay or bonuses into your overhead. Finances are just one thing you’re saving on: the fewer headaches are an added perk!

Gold Virtual Assistant helps dental offices and their staff run more efficiently when it comes to both time and money. Request a free consultation and price quote today!

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