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Are You an Office Manager Looking for Dental Support Staff?

The COVID-19 impact on dental offices in the United States has made it almost impossible to keep things running on time. Whether it’s scheduling, returning phone calls, getting patients back on their normal recall routine, or following up on claims, a lot of dental office managers are finding themselves working shorthanded.

And it’s easy to see why.

With staff having to step away due to quarantines, first-hand exposures, or dental team members getting sick, most of us are doing more “floating” in the office than ever before. But there’s only so much that even the best dental office manager can do on their own. To prevent burnout, it’s completely acceptable to ask for help.

Best Virtual Dental Office Support

Gold Virtual Assistant partners with dental office managers throughout the US to provide insurance support like claims follow up, processing, and breakdowns for patients in your office. It’s like having a best friend you can call on to have your back when you just need help picking up the slack.

When you use a virtual dental insurance team, you have access to:

Immediate support for front office dental teams

No long-term hires, interviews, or training

A guaranteed secure platform

Domestic, English-speaking teams (we’re located in Georgia)

Experience, experience, experience

Even better, just pay for the services you need, and you’ll still be paying less than you would to hire and train a new staff member. If you need the help of a part-time dental insurance staff, Gold Virtual Assistant is the perfect alternative!

Quit Working So Hard

Feel like you’re running yourself into the ground? You’ll wish you had called us sooner! Try our services without a long-term commitment and know exactly how much it will cost beforehand. Get your complimentary quote today to find out how our virtual dental staff can help you keep your head from spinning!


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