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Will a Digital Verification Service be Compatible with My Software?

Looking to outsource your dental verification processes? Or have a digital team handle all of your patients’ claims?

Great news. You won’t have to convert to a new practice management software anytime soon. In fact, one of the things that Gold Virtual Assistant does is adjust our insurance processes to fit the unique needs of your practice.

We won’t give you a cut-and-dry form that’s the same for everyone else. Rather, our digital verification service will adapt the information we get so that it is compatible with your existing insurance system. That way when you go to schedule your patient’s next appointment, all of their insurance data is already in your software.

Is Digital Verification Secure and HIPAA Compliant?

Yes! Our private servers are able to communicate directly with your existing computer software without compromising the security of patient data. That way it’s as if we’re working directly in your practice (but without the overhead costs of hiring an additional staff member!) In fact, working with GVA is about half the price of hiring a new team member to handle your dental insurance processes in-house.

Want Things Done a Certain Way?

No problem! We curate your contracted dental insurance breakdowns, digital verifications, and claims processes to fit the “system” that’s already in place at your office. There’s no need to train anyone, because our experts are highly experienced in all things insurance related. Simply tell us how you want the information relayed — such as breakdown forms that you prefer — and we’ll adapt to your preferences. Want suggestions on how to improve or expedite the process? We can do that, too.

Get a Free Quote

We love what we do and make it a point to go above and beyond your expectations. Request a free price quote to find out if our digital dental verification service can help your practice run more efficiently.

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