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What Does a Virtual Dental Assistant Do?

A lot of dentists and dental office managers are hesitant about working with virtual insurance verification teams, simply because they’re not certain about the quality — and quantity — of services offered. At Gold Virtual Assistant, here are just some of the things our “virtual dental assistants” can do:

Insurance Verification

Avoid having staff tied up to the phone or computer screen. We’ll verify your patients’ coverage amounts for you.

Claims Follow Up

Not getting payments on time? We call the insurance carriers directly to find out why. If supporting documentation is needed, we’ll get it to them in a timely manner. We’re happy to take on existing outstanding claims that your practice initiated but don’t have time to follow up on.

Reviewing Patient History

Missing tooth clauses. Service frequency restrictions. Treatment history. Waiting periods. All of these factors affect what services are available to your patients and when they can tap into their benefit allowances. We’ll break the details down for you.

Code Specific Breakdowns

We’re dental professionals who understand the ins and outs of insurance coding. With code specific breakdowns you can have all of your bases covered and keep your patients happy by optimizing their benefits.

Integration with Your Software

Our HIPAA secure systems allow us to input patient data directly into your practice management software, so that you can have it for their next appointment.

Save Money. Work Faster.

Contracting with Gold Virtual Assistant costs about half as much as what it does to add a new staff member to your front desk team. We’ll take on all of your insurance processes, so that your staff can focus on things like patient relationships, treatment plan presentations, and floating where you need them.

Our commitment to high quality (and privacy) is something that sets our service apart from the rest. Contact us today to learn more!

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