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Not Ready to Hire? Outsource a Support Staff Instead!

The COVID-19 effect on dental practices has led to a lot of “think outside the box” moments for all of us. From social distancing to rehiring staff after layoffs, many dentists and dental office managers are now tasked with the fine balance of getting work done with fewer staff (or less availability, due to children’s educational needs) than we were before the pandemic started.

If you’re finding that it’s impossible to get everything completed at the front desk, it’s time to think about working with a virtual dental team. Not only will a virtual dental office assistant complete everything you need a front desk employee to work on, they’re available on an as-needed basis. That means no full-time payroll commitments, unbalanced overheads, or hiring additional part-time staff to help with the times your existing team members need to step away from their desk.

Gold Virtual Assistant professionals provide everything from phone support and claims follow ups to insurance verifications and breakdowns. We’re you’re trusted partner who holds your practice standards and virtual dental team needs to the highest level of quality.

Working with our virtual dental office assistants gives you the peace of mind knowing that private information is securely managed by a professional staff. Nothing is ever outsourced. In fact, even though we provide you with a remote service, our entire team is located in the same facility. Even if we’re in a separate time zone, we’re there when you need us with 24/7 support access.

Why lose your best team members or worry about hiring new staff, when quality and secure virtual dental office assistants are just a click away?

Gold Virtual Assistant provides as-needed support services to dental practices of all sizes. Whether you’re just re-opening after COVID or are a multi-doctor clinic in need of additional insurance professionals, we can meet your needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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