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Dental school didn't teach you this

Being a dentist you generally don't understand the important yet time consuming struggle your front office is faced with on a day to day base. I mean to be honest in school you focus on the science of dentistry, which is expected and 100% understandable. The only problem is sometimes the daily struggles of your front office staff are left unattended and over looked.

With a background in both private as well as corporate dentistry I have seen almost any and everything go wrong in a dental practice. From patient cancellation to no show doctors I could go on and on to say the least. One of the biggest reasons Gold Virtual Assistant, LLC was created was to help alleviate one of the biggest stress factors....

I bet if you asked anyone that has ever ran or worked in a dental front office what their biggest headache is, you might get a responsive similar to this, "The insurance company". Insurance companies have been terrorizing healthcare professionals for years and guess what contrary to beliefs they aren't going anywhere. I don't care how many petitions you and your colleagues sign, how many letters you write or how vocal you are, they have a seat at the table and they are here to stay. So now that we now the issue lets come up with a solution. Speaking from a former front desk employee perspective, I would have been extremely relieved if someone could remote into the computer and verify all our insurances based on our office protocols. Gold Virtual Assistant isn't software, we are actual professionals here in Atlanta, Georgia who report to work every day and love dentistry but have chosen a nontraditional career. Imagine the time that could be spent focusing on your patients. Your front desk is spending hours on hold waiting for a representative to answer those detail codes on that insurance breakdown sheet and sometimes the call drops or a patient is left unattended but hey it’s all in a day’s work in the front office. When you’re tired of wasting money & overworking your staff let us know. No need of going through the interview & training process it takes for a new employee you can call us, a team of former/current dental professionals willing to cater to your office needs.

The beauty of it all is we charge a flat monthly rate with no long term obligations, contracts or set up fees!!


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