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Why your dental office needs a virtual assistant

What is a dental virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant provides administrative support to dental offices from a remote location. Not only are virtual assistants added team members they are professional experts within the dental field so they come with years experience and education.

How does a dental virtual assistant work?

Typically virtual assistant’s remote into your current dental software using a remote PC system (Teamviewer, LogMeIn, etc) and they are able to gain access to your dental office from the comfort of their own office. Virtual assistants provide the exact same duties of a traditional employee with a fraction of the time, cost and space.

What are some of the signs that point to you needing a dental virtual assistant?

  1. Your front staff is overwhelmed with the day to day process of the dental office. It feels there is not enough time in one business day to successfully complete every job in an efficient manner.

  2. Your clientele now suppress your current manpower. Has your business grown beyond your current staff and you want to hire more qualified employees but would love to save money?

  3. You want more production with half the stress. Want to be able to tell someone what you want and need and know that they will deliver in a professional yet timely manner.

  4. Tired of all the he say, she says that accompanies most dental offices. Want to just come to work and work without any unnecessary drama.

  5. Has your production and collection number plummet drastically? You don’t understand why your numbers have dropped and you feel your team has done the best they could possible do.

  6. Low treatment plan acceptance and patients express their lack of confidence in your treatment plan consultations. Does your outstanding collections report exceed the norm?

If any of these sound familiar to you then it may be best that you contact a Dental Virtual Assistant as soon as possible so that they can evaluate your needs and determine a plan of action that best fits your dental practice.

A Dental Virtual Assistant caters to the modern day dental professional who desires efficiency, rapid results and keen eye for detail on both long and short term basis. Virtual Assistants provide professional administrative support to dental offices across the nation. Services often include verifying insurance, claims management, account management and more.

Virtual Assistants handles the time consuming jobs; like communicating with insurance companies and building a professional rapport, following up on outstanding insurance claims, and that’s just naming a few. Throughout my years experience as an office manager, I noticed a need within most dental offices. There is not enough time in an average day; let alone one work day, to successfully dot every “i”, and cross every “t”. It never fails that there will always be patients in the waiting room, someone needing assistance at the reception desk, another patient needing a more in-depth explanation of their bill, and to top it all off there will always be that mom that arrives late with multiple children; needing to add two new insurances, and that’s just a glimpse into the “joyous” chaos that is deemed a typical dental day. With that being said; adding a dental virtual assistant allows the dental office the extra support needed to focus more on their patients. Dental virtual assistant gifts the dental staff that critical time that can be spent closing on treatment consultations, scheduling recall appointments, explaining a bill to patients, and giving the patient the one on one relationship, and professionalism they’re looking for.

Studies have shown that the average dental office spends more time on the phone with insurance in the patient’s first appointment then they do throughout the patients’ initial visit. Imagine 65% of your clerical teams’ time being freed from the frustrating duties of claims and/or insurance verification. That's what a dental virtual assistant brings to your office. I’m pretty sure there a few choice tasks that your staff can be completing, utilizing the extra time given.

Not only does a dental virtual assistant help your front office save time, but they also save the dental office money. Based on the nation’s average; a virtual assistant contract rate is at least 50% cheaper than a part time employee’s salary. Not to mention, that is not including additional cost such as: insurance, vacation, training, equipment cost, office space and more. It's more than likely that in having a virtual assistant, the dental offices will be putting money back into their pockets, both literal and figuratively speaking.

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